Book Talk – SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard

Alyssa knows that her life will end in the insane asylum. Her grandmother died in one, and now her mother has been officially institutionalized, insisting that she can hear the private whisperings of bugs and flowers. The curse of insanity stretches through the female line all the way back to Alice Liddell – the real-life inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Alyssa has dealt with the teasing about her ancestor her whole life, and visits to the asylum are nothing new to her. But when she can no longer ignore the voices filling the air around her, reality begins to fray in ways she could have never imagined. Things are happening to her that she can’t explain – and it’s more frightening to think she might not be insane.
The real Wonderland is a frightening place, one that the childish Alice Liddell was unable to put into words. The lighter brush strokes of fiction had delivered a tale for the ages years ago, but Alyssa has landed in a vicious world populated with grotesque creatures – and she didn’t come alone.
Her best friend Jeb followed her through a shattered mirror to protect her, but now she’s the one coming to his aide in a world that her ancestor accidentally altered years ago. Cursed to fix Wonderland or die crazy on the other side, Alyssa’s family has suffered since then. Now, Alyssa has the chance to save Wonderland, her mother, Jeb… and herself.
But it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is in Wonderland – or who to trust. Should she listen to Jeb, her lifelong friend who wants only to keep her safe? Or Morpheus, the dark, chimeric figure who has followed the women in her family for generations, and has plans for her she might not want to be a part of?

8 thoughts on “Book Talk – SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard

  1. Aww, thanks for the props, Mindy! That is a gorgeous write up, BTW. Maybe I should hire you to do the jacket matter for any upcoming books I write? 😉 This is a huge year for you, too! I can't wait to help you shout the praise for NOT A DROP TO DRINK!

  2. I read an ARC of this a few months ago and couldn't put it down. It was absolutely my favorite book of 2012, hands down! I've been recommending it to everyone I know. It's definitely one of the best takes on the Wonderland story I've read.

  3. I've been seeing this book out there, and it's really catching my eye. The cover and story idea. I'm going to have to remember to add this to my TBR pile. Thanks!

  4. Katherine – agreed, it's a soul-stealer.

    AG – You know it, girl. And yes, hire me. I do this stuff for a living, you know 😉

    Leigh – ARC! You lucky girl! Agreed that it's a very original Wonderland take.

    Jenna – Definitely! The cover is gorgeous, and what's under it is inspired.

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