The Return of the BBCHAT With Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary

Today BBCHAT returns! For my new followers, this is an acronym for BigBlackCat’s Humane Agent Talk: In Which A Particularly Agreeable Agent Answers a Series of Questions that Have Nothing to do with Queries or Submission Guidelines. Yeah, don’t try to make an acronym out of that last bit.

The BBCHAT is designed to get the personality of the agent in the spotlight, and an enterprising querier can use this information to figure out if the agent is a good fit for them, rather than just another agent who happens to cover their genre.

The last question involves something that oddly resembles a contest, and ties in with the blog name.

Today’s guest for the BBCHAT is Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary, which she joined in 2011. During her tenure as associate agent, Rachael has judged contests and attended conferences in New York and beyond, working with groups such as Writer’s Digest, ASJA, YA Lit Chat, the National Publicity Summit, and the Hampton Roads Writers. Recent sales include titles in young adult and romance to imprints at Hachette, Perseus, and Month 9 Books. Rachael is a former Sourcebooks editorial intern and a proud Ithaca College graduate.

She welcomes fiction submissions in the following categories: YA, MG, women’s fiction, contemporary and historical romance, historical fiction, and general commercial fiction. Her non-fiction wishlist includes memoir with an amazing voice and cookbooks or performing arts-related books with outstanding platforms.

BBCHAT – BBC’s Humanitarian Agent Talk

1. What are you reading right now and why do you like it? 

I have been insanely busy between manuscripts and contests, so I’m sort of between books right now, but I am slowly working my way through the December issue of Food Network Magazine. The last two books I read were The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O’Connor McNees and Capital Girls by Ella Monroe. (Reading YA novels is totally market research, right?)

I loved the first book because Little Women has always been one of my favorite books and it was fun to read this account of Louisa May Alcott’s fictitious summer romance and to get to know the real-life characters that inspired the novel. Capital Girls was a really fun read. I admit that watching Pretty Little Liars is one of my guilty pleasures and this novel shared many of the same elements that make the PLL franchise successful.

2. Paper or plastic?

Paper all the way! I refuse to go e-reader. (Though I acknowledge it’s a great invention—there’s just nothing like a physical book, to me!)

3. What’s on your bucket list?

  • To visit as many other countries as I can manage. (Italy and Spain are at the top of my list.)
  • Attend a major entertainment awards ceremony.
  • Meet Andrew McMahon, front man of Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin. (I was obsessed with him as a teenager and it would retroactively make my teenage life to have a conversation with him.)
  • Have a nerdy food conversation with Alton Brown.
  • Learn how to cook authentic Mexican food.
  • Learn to speak French and have a Julia Child-esc foodie excursion in Paris/Provence. (And learn to make authentic French bread while there.)
  • Play any of the leading female roles in a community theater production of Les Miserables
  • Grow and maintain (and manage not to kill) a big herb, fruit, and vegetable garden.
  • Acquire an amazing debut or early-career author that becomes mega-successful and has a long career. (Not just saying this to kiss up to you authors—it’s definitely at the top of my professional bucket list!)

4. Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? (It’s on MY bucket list, so that’s why it’s here).

I can’t say I have! I’m way too uncoordinated for that!

6. If you had a guaranteed sell, what type of story would you like to represent?

My pet genre is contemporary realistic YA, so I’d probably go with that—an amazing voice/character driven YA that makes me relive all my teenage angst. (But in a good way!)

Rachel has shared three facts about herself, but… one of them is a LIE! See if you can figure out which one is false in the Rafflecopter below. The winner will be chosen next week and announced here on the blog. I will also email you separately. You can only enter once, and if you enter twice… I’ll know. Smart kitty. Winner gets a copy of SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard. SPLINTERED  is available on Kindle starting today, but if you’re lucky you can get a physical copy from me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Rachael for participating in the BBCHAT! The winner and prize will be announced next week here on the blog. Remember you must be a follower of Writer, Writer to win!


10 thoughts on “The Return of the BBCHAT With Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary

  1. ♥”*• ★ •✿ OH HAPPY DAY!! ♥ ✿”*♥•★

    MY darling agent hashing it out on THE BBC's couch while giving away my BEST PAL'S book?! EEEPS!

    *scampers off to buy a lottery ticket*


    I already have a copy of Splintered, so I will opt out of the contest. Still, I'd like to venture a guess at Rachael's dirty little secret. She rides a mechanical bull to work.


  2. (sorry, typo in first one…heh)

    Awww, Rachael is even cuter than I could've imagined! And I already thought her très adorable because she's such a great agent to my best pal ^^ up there! *waves to Bethany* 😉

    For the record, I, too, am a huge fan of machanical bulls (truth or fiction?). Hee

    Thanks for giving my book away, Mindy! I'll try to stir us up some traffic…


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