Thursday Thoughts


Thoughts lately…

1) I recently joined Tumblr. I like it. I have fun there. But I don’t understand it. It seems like the vast majority of the content is re-tumbled. When I put something original out there, it just kind of sits. When I reblog someone else’s something awesome, I’m rewarded with re-blogging and new followers.

2) Now I’m a trained rat as much as the next guy, so I learned pretty quick that pushing the Tumblr recycle button gave me kibble faster than putting effort into it. But how is this the case? MINDY!?!? You pushed a button on something you didn’t create that was lifted off of someone else’s blog!! I love you for that!! I’m going to follow you!!! (??)

3) Gifs are really big over on Tumblr. And yes, I admit to looking at them fairly often. But when I’m looking I’m thinking – “Wow, this is a movie without sound lifted off a movie that already exists with sound… isn’t that technically a step backward?”

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. The Tumblr-verse is a fascinating, interesting world to be a part of. You're right that posting original content usually doesn't get that much attention. But if I draw a hasty sketch of whatever happens to be popular in the wide world of internet fandom… glorious glorious reblogs.

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