Book Talk – PROPHECY by Ellen Oh

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Kira has always known what it’s like to be hated.

Since her birth, her yellow eyes have marked her. Even though she is royally born, the taint of demons follows her. The villagers call her kumiho – nine-tailed fox demon. Little do they know that far from being a demon herself, her eyes give her the ability to see demons writhing under the skin of the people they’ve possessed. And she is their only protection.

Scorned by common people and court ladies alike, Kira is accustomed to a lonely life. When the King is murdered in a demonic plot to pitch the Seven Kingdoms into chaos and war, Kira vows to stay by the young prince’s side, and protect him always.
Her young cousin the Prince is supposed to be the savior predicted by the Dragon King Prophecy. His courage and nobility all attest that he could be the one. But according to the bloodlines dictated by the prophecy, Kira’s brothers could be the Dragon King as well. 
Or it could be Kira.
Only mythical treasures, long missing, can reveal the identity of the true Dragon King. Kira’s family must evade predators both demonic and human as the race across the wilderness in search of a ruby that can control the tides – and reveal which one of them can fulfill the prophecy.

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