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My Cover & ARC Arrival!

In case you haven’t seen it….

Yes, it’s true. It really is quite beautiful. I’m not biased.  And wouldn’t you know it on the same day that the cover released, my ARC’s came. Here they be:
So that’s what the spine looks like. And I’d really hate for you to spend a lot of time worrying about the back cover, so I went ahead and took a picture of that for you too:

I bet your wondering how in the world you can get your hands on your own ARC of NOT A DROP TO DRINK, right? Well, it’s possible. The lovely ladies over at YABC hosted my cover reveal, along with a signed ARC giveaway. Yes – you can have one of the books in this picture, complete with my signature, and also rest assured that I probably rubbed my face on it.

12 thoughts on “My Cover & ARC Arrival!

  1. Yvonne – I love the day job, so… not anytime soon. Can't argue with a day job that surrounds me with my target audience and immerses me in the market.

    Alyssa – I am thrilled!

    Rebecca – thank you!

  2. So fantastic. I love how they put the text both behind the house and in front of the house to give it more depth. Awesome.

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