Blogs – What Are They Good For?

And I apologize to everyone who now has Edwin Starr stuck in their heads. I also apologize to Edwin Starr for yet another horrific Edwin Starr ripoff.

But to answer the question – what are blogs good for? Hell, I don’t know.
Not only do I post six days a week here at Writer, Writer, but I also contribute to six group blogs. Yes six- Book Pregnant, From the Write Angle, Friday the Thirteeners, The Lucky 13s, Class of 2k13 and The League of Extraordinary Writers. Last fall I had the experience of having an aspiring writer who doesn’t blog say to me, “You’re using all your time for blogging and not actually writing.”
Which is kind of funny, really, since she has absolutely no idea how much time I spend (or don’t spend) writing.ย 
I blog because I like to. I think that’s the step that a lot of people are missing. I read a lot about blog burnout (it happens) as well as the burning question of whether blogs are a form of social media that actually help to sell our books.
But here’s the thing – even if you could tell me for a fact that this blog sold ZERO copies of NOT A DROP TO DRINK, I’d probably keep doing it anyway.ย There are more than enough words rattling around inside my skull to fill up monthly posts on group blogs, daily posts here, plus a couple of short stories and at least one novel a year.ย 
People ask me fairly often what my secret is. How do I find the time to do all this blogging?
I don’t find the time – I make it. I make it the way anyone with hobbies makes the time to read, scrapbook, knit, or play the piano. My secret is that I actually like to do this.
But I won’t mind if you buy my book, either. ๐Ÿ™‚
If you’re thinking about jumping into the blogging world, or would like to revitalize your blog and / or your love for it, check out some of these articles below.
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7 thoughts on “Blogs – What Are They Good For?

  1. Mindy-
    I feel the same way. I LOVE blogging. I did it while I studied abroad in college (er…mostly so I didn't have to send e-mails to every single family member, LOL!) and then changed over to a writing only blog last March. I love meeting new bloggers and writing about new topics etc. I'll keep doing it until the internet crashes ๐Ÿ™‚
    -rachelwrites007 twitter

  2. Nice post, Mindy! I do not have your energy, but I was blogging long before I came across any argument that it ought to be useful. I just saw it as a way to (1) express myself, and (2) connect with like-minded people and have relatively in-depth conversations. That was enough for me. I think you're absolutely right; people ought to blog if it gives them satisfaction to do so.

  3. Blogs… HUAH! *sings*

    Yeah, it's your fault.

    This is a great post! I struggle sometimes to come up with topics to blog about, mostly because I have trouble imagining that anyone wants to read my musings on anything at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's so cool how much you love doing it!

  4. Rachel – Agreed. And having fresh new content is what keeps a blog alive. As a librarian I'm always checking the dates of my sources to make sure it's relevant and timely information. It's rolled over into my blog reading. I'm always checking last update.

    Mary – Yep. For me it's always been about the actual networking. While my blog is writer-centric (and therefore not reader-centric) I love the interaction with other writers. There's nothing like support from people that “get” you.

    Megan – Yeah, as one of my fellow groupies I think you totally understand how much I love it. It's just a wonderful outlet for all the “other” in my brain.

  5. I enjoy blogging. Believe it or not, it helps to inspire me when writing. An alternate form of writing, enjoyable. I have a tiny following, and frankly, I'm okay with that ๐Ÿ™‚ It's my thoughts without worrying about passive, POV, extreme rules of grammar and punctuation. I can be a goof and be okay.

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