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Thoughts lately…

1) Having watched Skyfall last weekend I have to say that just once I’d love to see James Bond jump into a boat / car / motorcycle that he doesn’t instinctively know how to operate. While I really enjoyed watching Daniel Craig wearing a very nice suit and operating a backhoe, my farmer-girl suspension of disbelief hit a serious bump. Those things are NOT easy to operate.
2) I also watched quite a bit of professional boxing this weekend. Instead of all the posturing and grunting, I think it’d be totally awesome to see a boxer who apologized to their opponent every time they got a good hit in.
3) I have an issue with cereal milk. When I get to the bottom of my bowl and still have milk left, it tastes fresh and cold. But when I go ahead and put more cereal in there it tastes lukewarm. This makes no sense to me. 

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Because you're also tasting the room temperature cereal once you add that in, and the end of the bowl milk is already warmer than the fresh milk when you poured your first bowl so it was able to still feel cold even with cereal, but now that it's not as cold the warmth of the cereal overpowers it. Or possibly this is just a random collection of words and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

  2. I liked Skyfall, but I know what you mean – sometime it might be nice to see Bond step into a vehicle, look at the controls and step back – so his current beautiful bond girl can take charge.

  3. I love Bond, I love Daniel Craig. But I fell asleep during Skyfall. It might have been the wine.

    And I never reuse the milk in my cereal bowl. It eliminates the problem. My milk has to be ice cold. And accompanied by a chocolate chip cookie.

  4. Who wears a suit while operating a backhole? Oh, yeah, Bond. And you're right, it is not easy to operate farm machinery. It just looks easy and Daniel Craig is very easy to look at whatever he's doing!

  5. Oh don't get me wrong – I could watch Daniel Craig eat a ham sandwich 🙂

    I'm glad Thursday Thoughts continues to entertain – thanks everyone for stopping by!

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