Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) You know how sometimes when you toss your laundry in the dryer there will be a sock that gets the corner pinched in the door after you shut it, so it just spins in intense heat with its toe stuck? If that sock were a human being, that would really suck.

2) Re-watched The Ring recently. Had to think it would suck to be the poor bastard stuck with that VHS tape and doesn’t know anybody else who still had a VCR.

3) Someone needs to make a body spray that smells like a new book.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I can just see it! A whole new line of geek-girl-attracting Axe sprays:

    Axe: Indie Bookstore
    Axe: Fresh Ink (although that conjures up tattoos these days…)
    Axe: Advance Reader Copy

    Or, for the girl who likes an old, well-loved book…

    Axe: Dogeared Pages
    Axe: Leather and Vellum
    Axe: First Folio


  2. You crack me up.

    We have a front loading washer and I always feel bad for the poor sock that gets stuck in the rubber seal. It NEVER dries out and gets kinda skunky.

    Guess it just sucks to be socks no matter where you end up!


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