Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Played the game of LIFE with the extended family this week. Rules state that the winner at the end of the game is the one that has the most money. Great life lesson, Milton-Bradley. That’s awesome.

2) I get hurt doing very random things. Yesterday I hit my tooth on my car door while getting into it. Just the one tooth. Not my lip. Direct tooth hit. Right on the door. Who does this?

3) I had to amp the workout routine up a bit because it was no longer winding me. So the treadmill has been kicked up a notch and now I’m in pain. I don’t understand why my reward is a punishment. My reward should be Cadbury Eggs.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Can I just say how happy I am you hit your tooth? Because I do it all the time. Along with bruises I can't account for, tripping up the stairs, falling on perfectly level floors and running into walls although I'm staring at them.

    Here, have a Cadbury. Reward for the pain.

  2. Totally feel your pain on the weirdly hurting yourself thing – I do that all the time! LOL

    And the most important question – do you eat your Cadbury eggs fresh or frozen? (I'm a big fan of frozen :P)

  3. I actually have a fresh new bruise there's no accounting for. I should snap a pic.

    MK – I'll take the Cads anyway I can get them. Freezing sounds smart… I should load up now and then it can be Easter in December…

  4. Frozen Cadbury? That sounds wonderful. It could be medicinal. For random tooth knockage eat as many frozen Cadbury's as required to keep tooth from swelling.

  5. Dude, I gave myself a concussion just getting into the car once. Head hits car door, bounces off, hits roof of car. Wham-WHAM! And I trip UP the stairs all the time. I totally get it.

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