Wild Wednesday

Yes, I know everyone wanted their weekly micro-dose of the history of the English language in the form of my Wednesday WOLF (Word Origins from Left Field), but I’m actually out of random bits of facts at the moment. Until I pick up another etymology book – don’t worry there’s one on the TBR pile right now – I’m shifting Wednesdays to Wild Wednesday.

And here’s why –

In the desolate world of NOT A DROP TO DRINK the wildlife have regained the upper hand. Coyotes roam during the day and raccoons stand up for a better look at passing humans, not familiar enough with these odd bipeds to be afraid.

My own little desolate corner of Ohio isn’t so very unlike DRINK. I wake up regularly in the night to coyotes raucously celebrating another kill and deer stop to stare whenever I walk outside to load the stove. I’ve popped the lid off the plastic cat food container more than once to find a possum inside. And boy is that ever awesome. I love it every time.

So anyway, I have two trailcams set up in the field behind my house, and I thought I’d share bits and pieces of the humorous, the odd, and the sometimes downright frightening things that pass by in the middle of nowhere…

Here’s a nice freezing early-morning shot of two coyotes hanging out near my backyard. Yep. I was so thrilled when I saw them.

3 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday

  1. Incredible! I know they're a bit of a nuisance (especially if you have dogs), but it's cool to see. Backyard cam is an idea I'd like to try out. We haven't spotted coyotes, but we have deer, possums, raccoons, rabbits, snakes, turtles, salamanders, hawks…and we're on the cusp of suburbia. Even the squirrels jump around in the trees like monkeys. Who'd have thought Ohio? xx

  2. Living in NJ suburbia, I've seen all sorts of critters in our backyard. My wife (to my dismay) feeds the raccoons cat food, which also brings in the possums. The deer show up to eat the bushes, and we have hawks and bats flapping their respective wings overhead. I've seen turkeys, too — whole fam-damilies of them. And while I haven't seen a bear, we're aware that they're not far from us. A bit scary when we have small children.

  3. I love all the different things I spot, I don't even mind the predators… I just wish they weren't getting bigger, more numerous, and less frightened of people.

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