Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) It would be much easier to train my dog not to run through the flower beds if I could throw lightning bolts with my brain.

2) When I talk to other people’s animals I tend to just lie down on the floor with them while introducing myself. I fear this will become a habit that crosses over to other species.

3) The thing I don’t like about my ZTR mower is that I can’t really daydream quite as much while using it. Random spastic movements to accompany the dialogue I’m composing in my head translates into hitting things that are stationary… oops.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I need to figure out the flower garden too. We have a new puppy who loves to play and poop in mine. I've heard chili pepper flakes sprinkled on the soil works. Going to try it this weekend.

  2. LOL I love your Thursday thoughts. My husband and I tried putting a chicken wire around our garden. It worked until dog #1 discovered he could just mow over the fence with his weight. And then dog #2 discovered he could just jump the thing.

  3. I once ran over a pine sapling (not a small one, either) with the mower because I was fixing a plot hole. Come to think of it, that was the last time I was allowed to mow…

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