Thursday Thoughts

I’ve been spending the last couple weeks in the Elementary library as the school year rolls to a close. Thoughts this week are elementary-centric.

1) Heads Up, Seven Up is at first glance a very simple game, but in all actuality can reveal who has a crush on who. We should play it as adults.

2) Leading the line used to be a reward, but adults never want to do it. Its like, “You go into the board room first.” “No, you go first.”

3) I think I would love this book more if its title was Animal Fact / Animal Crap.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. “Everyone put their heads on their desk and shut up.”

    Who really wins Heads Up 7up? Yeah… that's right…

    Also, we don't play this game as adults, because half the room would pass out in the first round.

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