Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Now that school’s out I’ve been doing some housecleaning. I decided I was sick of one of my couches, but couldn’t fit it out the door. So I went and got my hatchet, hacked off the legs, dragged it into the yard and burnt it. Yep. That’s how Mindy cleans house.

2) It’s an indication of my fashion consciousness when I call a salon to get a haircut and when they ask me what kind of shape I want, I start describing the option I chose for my Mii on Wii Fit.

3) Why can’t dog piss smell better? WHY??

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. 1) You're such an inspiration. 🙂

    2) Haha! I've done that.

    3) Better than cat piss! That NEVER comes out. No matter how hard you scrub the smell will always be there.

  2. Cat piss is the smell of the universe. What lives in their urinal track? I don't understand.

    Derrick – excellent question. The issue was a huge staircase that the couch needed to go UP and OVER in order to be maneuvered out the door. Movers got it in. Mindy got it out… in pieces.

  3. Cat urine smells so strongly because most house cats live in a state of constant dehydration (from eating dry food), so their urine is more concentrated, and it's very hard on the kidneys. This is also why most cats die of kidney disease/failure.

    Sorry, I know waaaaaaaay too much about this…

  4. Agreed. I could completely heat my house in the winter off of the litter pan.

    I actually mix wet with dry and this seems to make everyone happy. Although I'll add all my cats are indoor / outdoor, so they can poop outside if they feel so inclined.

    I wish they were inclined more often.

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