Book Talk – IN THE AFTER by Demetria Lunetta

My book talks are coming at you from a librarian, not a reviewer. You won’t find me talking about style or craft, why I think this could’ve been better or what worked or didn’t work. I only do book talks on books I liked and want other people to know about. So if it’s here I probably think it won’t injure your brain if you read it.

Years of living with the aliens has forced Amy to live in silence. She wears no shoes, never speaks, and moves quietly through the dark streets of her abandoned neighborhood. The predators hide during the night, slipping through the sewer grates only to come up during the day and violently rip apart any food source they can find.

Amy was alone when they came, and can only assume that her family and friends are dead. A desperate run for food to a convenience store lands another responsibility in her hands – “Baby,” a young girl too traumatized to speak, which may be the one thing that kept her alive while she wandered the streets silently.

Amy and Baby communicate through sign language, moving silently through their home by day and through the outside world at night when they are in need of food. Experience has taught them that the aliens aren’t the only thing to be feared – some of the human survivors are just as likely to take their lives, and their well-stocked home with a generator is a high-value item in their new world.

Dedicated to survival and always ready to attack, they expect nothing but hostility from everyone they meet. So, when they are miraculously rescued and delivered to New Hope, an outpost of survivors that mimics life from Before, Amy suspects it’s too good to be true.

Has living like an animal for so long destroyed any hope of being civilized for Amy? Or is she right to suspect that all is not as it seems in the clean, controlled world of New Hope?

3 thoughts on “Book Talk – IN THE AFTER by Demetria Lunetta

  1. I really loved this book, and loved how well the twists and turns were spread during the book.

    And man, isn't humankind scary?

  2. I loved it too, I felt like it was a refreshing read that focused on a relationship that didn't have a romance angle…. interesting concept!

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