Get to Know Mindy… Come See My Fridge!

It’s almost here… NOT A DROP TO DRINK is about to release and subsequently I’ve been fielding a lot of interview requests, which is totally cool. I’m more accustomed to only my immediate family really caring that I exist.

Normally my Monday posts are writing related, but because it’s Labor Day and I’ve been answering a lot of get-to-know-you type questions lately, I thought I might just put some information about me out there. It’s always amusing to me that people want to get to know “Mindy McGinnis,” because she’s honestly a very boring person who can’t quite get up the energy to put on makeup most days.

But, since there seems to be an interest in who I am, I thought I’d share with some pics that I think represent me pretty well.

This is what my fridge looks like right now. I could almost go Vegan if not for my dairy fixation. I eat so much yogurt I think I could conceivably digest the Empire State Building.

Of course the best way to get know someone is by looking at their bookshelves. Here are mine, including one that doesn’t exist so I just pile everything on the floor.

And another great way to get to know someone is to peek into their video collection. I’m a huge de-clutter-er though, so instead you’ll have to settle for a screen-cap of my Netflix Queue.
And because I believe that scrolling through someone else’s iTunes is the modern equivalent of peeking into their medicine cabinet, here’s a random screenshot of my iTunes.
Hopefully that’s some entertaining lazy blogging for you today!!

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