Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Why do we instinctively cover our mouths when frightened / astonished / scared? When I was watching Breaking Bad last week my hand went to my mouth in the first ten minutes and half an hour later it was still up there, making my lips sweat. Boyfriend’s theory is that it’s a primitive self-defense “shush myself so predators don’t hear me” move.

2) Is there such a thing as a fat bat? There are so many bugs this fall that I wonder if there are any bats sitting around with bloated bellies, unable to achieve flight.

3) I accidentally shut a frog in my door the other day. I can’t say for sure when this happened because I didn’t notice until a few days after the fact. Me being me, I had to investigate. It looks like he was trying to come inside the house, which made me yell at his corpse, “What were you thinking?!?! Now I have guilt!!”

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I always thought the cover mouth thing was a habit of self consciousness- at least for myself. I cover my mouth when I laugh and yawn and- of course cough.

    And the poor Froggy! He just wanted to come in and keep warm and be your new pet! Maybe in his next life he'll be a dog 😛

  2. Lolol! Oh my gosh, I died laughing about the hand to mouth statement. What's so hilarious is I just did this the other night a million times watching Insidious Chapter 2. Funny. And that poor frog!

  3. Personally, I don't think we cover our mouths out of instinct, rather, I think it's learned behaviour. There are so many other times where we know to 'cover our mouths' because it's rude… when we cough/sneeze, when we're eating, and having our mouths gape open in surprise… also considered rude.

    I'm betting it's a 'Miss Manners' kinda thing :p

  4. Oh no, froggy!! T___T I love frogs. When it rains or is hot & moist outside, they appear like they grew out of the grass and just hop around wildly when you walk by. It makes me nervous!

    I think covering our mouths is a learned instinct.

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