Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Abraham Lincoln was scary looking. Like, more than you actually realize. Our brain automatically looks at him and says, “Abraham Lincoln” which autofills with respect and recognition. But if his face totally catches you by surprise sometime, before your brain catches up to the fact that it’s Abraham Lincoln you go, “WTF IS GOING ON WITH THAT FACE?!?!”

2) I have other names for people that I use in my head. As I get older their real names are slipping away from me, and this is going to be really embarrassing someday.

3) Glitter is weird. Wikipedia defines it as “flat multi-layered sheets that are produced by combining plastic, coloring, and reflective material such as aluminum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and bismuth oxychloride.” So basically it’s chemicals. Shiny, pretty, chemicals.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I haven't had chemistry in a while. Any idea which one of those chemicals makes glitter stick to everything it touches? You just can't get rid of it!

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