Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately are sense-based…

1) Everyone probably remembers from health class that our eyes actually see everything upside-down, and our brain flips the image. But what if the world is actually upside down and our brain knows we can’t handle that?

2) If you poke something with a stick you can feel its texture via the stick. How the eff does that work?

3) Talked about this before, but still mulling it. Smell is the most adaptive sense. Think about it – you adjust to bad smells and good smells, leave the room, come back, and smell them all over again. What if all our senses worked this way? We could eat horrible food and not care, stab ourselves repeatedly, and go blind occasionally. OK never mind, nature knows what it’s doing.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Craziest thing that I learned about that eye thing is that if you wear goggles that flip the image, at first it would be upside down (of course), but over time your brain would eventually correct it and flip it. Then when you take the goggles off, everything would be upside down, and then your brain would have to learn to flip it again.

    This means that in the tech that is our bodies, our brain is way more advanced than our eyes.

    I mean, our eyes have a blindspot where the optic nerve is. C'mon, Eyes, seriously? Get it together, the brain is doing all the work here.

  2. Derrick I think you just blew my mind.

    Kel – I had to acknowledge that if the world were actually upside down all our hair would be UP. But then I was like, well maybe there IS REVERSE GRAVITY. And then I thought, probably science would know by now.

  3. Okay, I don't remember that health class so… wow. Never thought of that. This stuff always is slightly creepy. The human body is amazing but disgusting and creepy all at the same time.

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