2013 In Review – My Top Ten Posts of 2013

Thank you everyone for your support of NOT A DROP TO DRINK in 2013! It has been a fantastic debut year for me and I look forward to 2014. I’m closing out the blog for the year to focus on reality (which I really, really suck at so I need to concentrate hard). Leaving you with my top 10 posts in 2013, followed by a Christmas card for all my loyal blog readers, courtesy of the lovely girls at Epic Reads.

1) Announcing Participating Agents for the 2103 PAPfest! – Ahhh… my misguided attempt at OB-GYN humor combined with praise of crit partners and an agent contest. It actually worked out really well, with a few of our participants landing agents out of the deal, even if the art kind of made some people clench, er… cringe.

2) NOT A DROP TO DRINK Has A New Pub Date! – Hey, thanks for caring! And sorry you had to wait another two weeks. I was lucky to go on tour with Dark Days during my release week, which was moved to accommodate that. Honestly, I needed the extra two weeks to buy makeup, and stuff.

3) Successful Author Talk with Debut Novelist Victoria Aveyard – Yep, looks like THE RED QUEEN is kinda gonna be a big deal. Also, people seem to enjoy the interviews, even if one of them makes a bad word acronym.

4) Social Media Just For Writers by Frances Caballo – I know, I know. Everyone is overwhelmed about how to do these things properly. Deep breaths and find your groove.

5) Some Things That Happened At ALA… And Some Things That Didn’t – My personal favorite of the year, featuring a comic adaptation of me attempting to get an audience member to marry me and Veronica Roth warning everyone off.

6) An SAT With YA Debut Author Anne Blankman – Yes! Support the debuts! Again, I’m glad to see that the interviews get a lot of traffic. This blog is to help writers, and I try to ask questions to the published authors to help the query trenchers along their way.

7) The Return of the BBCHAT with Rachael Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary – Hmm… Big Black Cat’s Humane Agent Talk kind of dominates the tail end (see what I did there?) of my Top Ten of 2013. Looks like I need to resurrect that series for 2014!

8) A BBCHAT With Pooja Menon of Kimberley Cameron & Associates – See what I mean?

9) Are Contests Worth It? – Apparently it was a good question.

10) Thursday Thoughts & A NOT A DROP TO DRINK Giveaway! – Hey look! My own book made it into my Top 10 of 2013 in my blog… that makes me think maybe perhaps blogging works 🙂



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