Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Why is a mouse hole characterized as an upside-down “U” shape? This is the classic representation of a mouse hole, yet looks nothing like an actual mouse hole.

2) Same vein: Why is a heart represented the way it is, when the human heart looks nothing like that?

3) I’d love to see a new line of Valentine’s Day wear from Victoria’s Secret with actual representations of the human heart embroidered in pink and red, all sexy like. I’d wear it.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Accurate representations of the human heart always look sad to me. The actual heart is connected to the rest of the body, but you can't show all that, so you have to show a truncated version, with connections cut off and ventricles leading nowhere. The ❤ version is complete within itself, closed lines and a solid shape. It doesn't look ragged and pulled out of where it actually belongs.


  2. I read a blog post about this once — wish I could find it for you — something to do with the heart shape coming from the shape of a woman's buttocks (upside down) and it having to do with sex and nothing to do with the heart (of course). It was fascinating but who knows if it was accurate…


  3. I think they draw mouse holes that way so it looks like Mickey and his kin have doors and are our neighbors as opposed to thieving rodents who can invade anywhere, any time.

    Fictitiously beautiful things sell better than their real life counterparts? Or so Hollywood has taught us. 😉


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