Valentine’s Thursday Thoughts

I think everyone knows I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to romantic love. Recently someone asked me what, if anything, could reverse my thoughts on the subject. I have three answers.

1) If I found a man who says my name the way Frodo says “Sam” every single time in Lord of the Rings.

2) If I found a man who yells my name when I’m in danger the way John Watson yells Sherlock’s when he’s on the edge of a rooftop.

3) If I found a man who said, “Clever girl” to me the same way the gamekeeper in Jurassic Park does to the velociraptor.

My stipulations:

1) Said man is also not allowed to say “po-ta-toes” every time we have them, because I’m Irish and that would get old fast.

2) I do not die (even fake die) at the end of this scenario at which point my man goes and finds another woman and marries her.

3) The man in question cannot be wearing shorts and khaki socks up to his kneecaps.

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Thursday Thoughts

  1. 1) I would be flippin' annoyed by that.

    2) I've found a woman who has done this for me. AND I didn't die. I think she done this for me more than once now that I think about it. How the heck do I get in danger so much?

    3) Um… I only say this in the context of someone being my opponent.

  2. Oh my goodness, that same line from Jurassic Park has been running through my head for the past week or so. It's probably my favorite line in the entire movie.

    I can agree with all of those stipulations, especially the last one….

  3. You? A cynic? Never.

    Agreed on the “po-ta-toes” and shorts/khaki socks, but who doesn't want to fake his/her own death at least once? And besides, if you came back and found your man married, it would give you a perfect excuse to come round full circle and be a cynic about romantic love again.

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