Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately are based on pets and transportation in the zombie apocalypse:

1) Why doesn’t anyone on The Walking Dead have a dog? I feel like this would be a good early-warning system.

2) How about bicycles? Gasoline won’t exist soon and highways are clogged anyway. Save what’s left of the earth – ride a bike. Plus you’ll build leg muscles and get good cardio – all useful later on when running for your life.

3) I’m always curious about why they don’t grab a canoe and navigate waterways? It seems like an easy answer. I’m going to assume zombies can’t swim and would be stranded on the banks while everyone floats by. Also I picture this happening to the song “Float On” by Modest Mouse.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Maybe there are no dogs because audiences don't like dead dogs…or maybe PETA sent a “don't you dare” letter.

    Numbers 2 and 3 are excellent ideas, which is probably why they haven't been used. That, or they decided filming on a water ride would be too much of a hassle.

  2. 1. A dog`s constant barking might attract more zombies than than the dog can help you fend off, most likely costing you your life. Also, keeping a dog well fed enough to be healthy and useful might be tough when you can barely find enough food for yourself. Plus, chasing after a dog that`s always running off to chase random zombies and other people will get you killed pretty fast. Tie him up and you`re back to the barking issue.

    2. Bicycles might be good for short distance scavenging but as supplies dwindle you have to wander farther to find whatever you need, necessitating bigger loads to make trips worthwhile, for which bicycles are impracticle. Gasoline, no matter how much of it you can find, does have a shelf life beyond which it becomes less efficient and eventually useless, an issue most authors fail to address or are ignorant of (except Peter Heller). For a long list of issues almost universally ignored in the post-apoc genre read Alan Weisman`s The World Without Us.

    3. I would stay away from waterways precisely because they can make travel easier. In a world where you must constantly avoid most other people because they might kill you for what little you have, making use of a potentially crowded waterway is ill-advised. Plus shooters can hide in the bush at the banks and kill you as you float by, then raid your boat.

  3. The dogs were probably sacrificed…

    If I had a bike, I'd never run. lol

    I imagine zombies being able to walk the bottom of the lakes and such. They don't breathe, right? I don't watch zombie movies.

  4. That Weisman book is an eye opener and an endlessly fascinating thought experiement that made me reconsider every aspect of our modern daily lives. But the information relevant to post-apoc authors concerns the enormity of environmental disasters we would leave behind if all the electricity in the world, of even just in America, was suddenly and permanently turned off. Explosions and leakage of oil and contaminated water from oil refineries in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi would render much of the deep south unlivable for centuries. And that`s just one example.

  5. I think it's also interesting to see how much maintenance our modern structures require on a daily basis to remain standing. Modern day Detroit is a great example of how quickly our “modernity” can be stripped from us.

    I'd love to see Weisman venture back into the topic with Detroit as a focus.

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