Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately revolve around simplicity –

1) I live in an old house. The house I lived in before this one was also an old house. The thing about old houses is that they don’t have closets. The reason why is because people only had a few pairs of clothes. Do you know how freaking attractive that sounds to me?

2) I will have to clean out my kitchen cupboards this spring because they’re full of food that I never got around to eating. How ridiculous is that?

3) Ancient cultures used to bury people with all of their personal belongings. If we practiced that now we’d each have our own memorial landfill.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Just think, if old houses had closets The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe might never have been written. Or it would have a much less attractive title.

  2. The ancient Egyptian practice of filling the burial chamber with both luxurious and everyday objects is particularly fascinating because of the motivation behind it: they believed the afterlife was a physical place, not just a spiritual re-awakening but an actual kingdom far to the west where your loved one was going to need all the things you need right here like firniture upon which to sit and sleep and implements for eating, drinking and writing; even clothing to wear on their resurrected bodies. They were the inventors of the notions of Heaven and Hell as places to which the dead travelled, if they successfully passed judgment before Anubis and were not consumed by Ammut. The pyramids themselves were not so much monuments as they were devices and in some interpretations their name translates as “resurrection machine”, through which the dead ascended to the sky for their journey into the west.

  3. Have you seen the 40 hanger challenge on pinterest? 40 hangers, all the clothes you are allowed in a closet. . . I keep thinking of doing this, as I hate everything I put on every morning. . . but I tend to be a pack rat, so it sort of hurts to think about doing it. But I also live in a house that has itty bitty closets!

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