Thursday Thoughts

It’s been awhile since I shared my thoughts. I’ve been pretty busy with the WIP, but I did manage to put together some tidbits for you today. Thoughts lately…

1) Do the planet Mercury and the substance mercury have anything in common? Also, does anyone miss the days when someone dropped a glass thermometer and everyone ran shrieking in the other direction?

2) I’ve always been taught that the only way to effectively dispose of a tick is to flush it down the toilet. Because of my twisted brain I have a recurring nightmare about gigantic shit-engorged ticks emerging from the ground one day, a la Tremors.

3) And speaking of shit – I really feel like latrines should just be called shit ditches. It’s so appropriate and pleasing to say.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Ah, Mindy, after getting only about 45 minutes of sleep last night (my first and, hopefully, last bout of true insomnia) this post, though brief, really made my morning better!

    1) I have no idea if Mercury and mercury have anything in common, but now I'm interested to find out. And yes, I TOTALLY miss the days of dropping a thermometer and then running in panic. Also all of that awkward scraping and wiping you did with a paper towel because you honestly thought your skin might melt off if you touched the mercury. And then the simultaneous satisfaction of getting it cleaned up, but wondering if you'd inadvertently poisoned acres of land because you put it in the trashcan instead of whatever special hazardous waste procedure you felt you were probably supposed to do.

    2) The best way, actually, to dispose of ticks is to burn them. That way you know darn good they're dead (and can't crawl back out of the toilet gorged on shit Tremors style) You can either hold them with tweezers and use a match, or if you've got a metal sink, you can leave them on the edge of the sink and put the match on them there. Also, you get big bonus points for referencing Tremors. Vastly overlooked movie where humorous, yet truly creepy horror is concerned.

    3) I AM FOREVER USING THE TERM SHIT DITCHES. I plan on calling port-a-potties plastic shit ditches too. As long as my little niece isn't present…

  2. I've always put them in a bit of alcohol. Works like a charm. Tick down toilet is too scary–though that was how my first was disposed of.

  3. Funny. And witty.

    I've spent minutes, thinking of what I'd imagine to be an adequate response…

    …I think Uranus' naming-story deserves more being called into question.

  4. Thanks guys. One day I'll stop just spouting whatever it is that occurs to me. Until then… Thursday Thoughts.

    Also, I do manage to quote Tremors at least 5 times a year. At least.

  5. My wife had never heard of Tremors until last week, when I watched it with her. She's 28 and Swedish, which makes her nearly forgivable for not having seen it until now.

    I'm not aware of any correlation between the planet and the substance of which you speak, at least not beyond the likelihood that there is mercury on Mercury or, more accurately, embedded within its crust among many other heavy elements, it having formed near the sun and all so the lighter elements once present on or within Mercury having possibly burned away but I'm still fuzzy on planetary formation in the early solar system.

    As for old mercury thermometers, I wouldn't even walk into a room where an intact one is being stored. Even touching mercury through a latex glove is fatal.

  6. First of all Frank is wrong about touching mercury, even with latex gloves, being fatal. My son is a Biochemistry major and says it can be held in your bare hand, but you have to wash your hands very well afterwards, and hold it only for a short time because it absorbs through the skin and you could become sick.

    Also, the planet Mercury was named after the god Mercury. According to mythology, Mercury was the swiftest of the gods, and this is appropriate since Mercury is the innermost planet in the Solar System, and appears to move quickly from night to night. I assume that the substance mercury was also named because of moving so quickly because it is also called “quicksilver”, yep.

  7. I was refering to Karen Wetterhahn's death by mercury intoxication but it turns out she was handling dimethylmercury and not just plain quicksilver. My bad. Though I still wouldn't touch either one. I prefer my dementia late in life and not now, thank you very much.

  8. 1. A connection to Greek mythology? (And I still have one of those old thermometers…that day could be upon my household soon.)

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