Going On A Bear Hunt

Well, not really.

What I am doing is getting in my canoe for the first time, which is just as exciting and hopefully less dangerous. Also, there really aren’t any bears around here. Just a fact check moment.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I outdoor-geeked out over acquiring a canoe a few weeks ago. As of yesterday, the canoe arrived at my house and I immediately stuck it in the pond and went for a float. I say float because, much like Lynn’s, the pond isn’t very big and a few paddle strokes would bring me to a rather abrupt halt.

But the float was fun, and it got under my skin. So I’m taking the canoe down to the creek in a few minutes and paddling off into the sunset. I’m actually paddling off into a rainstorm, but I want to canoe, so damn it, I’m going to.

Anyway, I know I haven’t been blog-loyal lately. The summer has me in it’s claws and the outdoors is my spirit animal. I’ve been gardening and hiking, fishing and saving errant turtles on highways, wading and searching for hellbenders. I also scared the shit out of a raccoon last week who mistook my sitting very still for being inanimate, apparently.

I’m also writing like a fiend, whipping out the last half of the WIP and hoping that it’s up to par. I don’t know how much info I can share about it, but I will say that I’m headed to southeast Ohio this coming weekend to a historical landmark to do some last minute research.

So go outside guys. It’s nice out there.

4 thoughts on “Going On A Bear Hunt

  1. It's capacity, to create enticing pictures and shapes, and transcendent thought and behaviour…

    …this is the beauty of nature.

    I came up with that because of my sheer affection for nature.

    It's hard however: the closer you try getting to nature, the more you become aware of the futility of nature.

    Hopefully The Representative's going to allow people worldwide ever to enjoy nature – just as you have today.

  2. An artist might draw inspiration from just about any source, not least through the appreciation of other artists' work, but nothing else fills me with so urgent a need for creative expression than a walk among trees, rivers and mountains; a need I typically fill by snapping pictures because I find the written word too slow a process for gratification. But I'm working on that.

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