My book talks are coming at you from a librarian, not a reviewer. You won’t find me talking about style or craft, why I think this could’ve been better or what worked or didn’t work. I only do book talks on books I liked and want other people to know about. So if it’s here I probably think it won’t injure your brain if you read it.

Seventeen year old Gabriel Adam has always been on the move because of his father’s ministerial position. But when Gabriel starts to see a dark figure shadowing his every move, and their most recent home burns to the ground, his father is forced to share the truth about their nomadic ways. Gabriel is one of the four archangels born again as a human and sent to stop the end of the world.

Gabriel had his own plans for his life, including attending NYU and settling down for once. His new destiny puts him on a plane back to his father’s home country of England, where they will meet with the leader of an obscure religious group who has answers that will help Gabriel stop the dark figure still stalking their steps.

Meeting the other archangels – including Micah, a girl who embodies the archangel Michael – proves that his father hasn’t finally lost it, and Gabe must come to terms with his pivotal role in protecting humanity from the dark forces that shadow his every step.

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