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So, I mentioned last week that I’m going to be crawling into my cave to write now that winter has arrived (and boy did it arrive – I’m off school today, the big, fat, flakes are falling, and the plow hasn’t even touched my road yet). One of the first things I’ll be emerging from my cave for is Cavalcade of Authors West, a young writers workshop that will bring teens in touch with the writers they read.

COA West is in their first year, and they could use a boost. 17 authors – including myself – will be there to share our love of literacy and writing. If you can share the same in your own way, COA West would appreciate it – and so would I!

What is a Cavalcade of Authors?

Cavalcade of Authors is a conference for students made up of two components: 1) students reading novels from 17 featured authors, and 2) a writer’s conference led by these authors to be held on May 2nd, 2015. We are collaborating with Pacific Lutheran University to present a literary/writing conference for 450 middle level and high school students in Pierce County, Washington. COA West is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Cavalcade of Authors West is in its first year, modeled after the Cavalcade of Authors established in the Tri Cities of Washington in 2009.  We want to bring the rich experience of working with authors practically one-on-one to western Washington students.

Adolescent literacy is a significant need in our community and this program promotes reading and writing skills in an engaging and unique way. The response from students, teachers, and authors has been positive and encouraging. It is our hope that the program will grow and expand to become a truly regional event that draws students from all around Pierce County.

Our five founding board members have a vast amount of teaching and literacy experience as classroom teachers and librarians. We have each contributed to a number of boards, conferences and events of various sizes and scope. Above all, we all have a passion for students, authors and literacy; this conference will allow us to combine all of those pieces to deliver a unique and meaningful experience to the students of our own community.

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