The Stuff Of Dreams

If you visit this blog or read any of my interviews you know that the concept for NOT A DROP TO DRINK came from a dream that I had. Sometimes inspiration comes like that, in a bolt from the sky that you can’t ignore. The words pour out, and anywhere from a weeks to a few months after that lightning strike you’ve got a finished (messy, but finished) first draft in your hands.

And… then there are the other times.

There are the times you sit in front of the laptop and nothing happens. The screen glows accusingly, and there’s not nearly enough black streaking across all that white. There are the times when people ask what you’re working on right now and you have to answer honestly… nothing.

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I honestly don’t. I think writer’s block is what happens when you’re too scared to sit down and force it, resulting in procrastination that is rooted in our self-esteem, not our capabilities.

But I do think that concepts can’t be forced. They have to happen organically, like that storm in your head that suddenly delivers a story you can’t stop spinning, or a dream that delivers your next novel, gift-wrapped.

Here in Ohio we had a short blizzard, followed by an ice storm this weekend followed by… thunderstorms today. Let’s hope all the meteorological dust up sinks into my mind.

A lightning strike would be much welcomed 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Stuff Of Dreams

  1. I've had a few dream inspired stories, too. Holly Lisle calls it Calling Down Lightning. Write out what you want on the page and give your subconsious a due date. Like this: In the next three days I need to figure out how the climactic scenes start. [This actually where I'm stuck. I have the beginning, most of the middle and the end of the end. We'll see if writing it on a comment post works!

  2. I've had about 100 pages of a cozy mystery written for more than five years and I can't seem to go any farther. I don't want to give up on the story idea so what would you recommend? I've worked on other things, hoping to get back to it but it never seems to happen. Do you have a specific time of day that you write – what is your schedule that keeps you going?

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