Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately –

1) If copper is so expensive now, why are pennies still only worth one cent?

2) What did medieval people think of static electricity?

3) There aren’t many gender neutral insults, yet instead of being irritated by this I have found humor in it. For example, calling someone a douchebag is like saying, “You are a really useful hygienic tool.” Calling someone a dickhead is like saying, “I don’t need you. People have been cutting those off for centuries.”

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. That second one is really interesting. I wonder if everyday people had as much of it because so much was made of wood, stone or cloth; but what about the knights and others dealing with metal and armor all the time? Hmm…

  2. 1. I get really angry when I think that our gov't is losing money minting pennies. Why are we still doing it? Because of the copper lobby. So upsetting.

    2. This is actually a good question and as a writer of historical fic, I struggle with this kind of thing. How do you describe shocks, tingles (like pins and needles when your hand falls asleep), lightning and things like that when you know the world you're writing about doesn't KNOW what these things are. “When he kisses me, it's electric…” No, no it isn't.

    3. Douchebag. You're too funny. 😀

  3. Modern pennies are copper mixed with zinc. You can always tell how new a penny is when you flip it because copper goes “ding” and zinc goes “thud.'

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