Paperback IN HANDFUL OF DUST With Extras & NOT A DROP TO DRINK E-Book $1.99 Across All Platforms!

Lots going on right now in my world!

The paperback of IN A HANDFUL OF DUST releases today – it’s loaded with extras, including essays from me about the research involved in writing the novel, and how I mentally navigated the 2,600 mile journey that Lynn and Lucy traveled on foot.

You also get an original short story about Mother when she was younger, as well as the first chapter of A MADNESS SO DISCREET, which releases 10/6!
Think this all sounds awesome, but you haven’t read NOT A DROP TO DRINK yet? No worries. The e-book is currently $1.99 across all platforms for a limited time. Links below!
Also available in the iTunes store for iBooks at $1.99!