Book Deal News!

Publisher’s Weekly recently announced my next two-book deal with Katherine Tegen books! The first will be releasing in the Fall of 2017. It’s currently titled PHANTOM HEART and can be added on Goodreads.

I’ve always pitched it as “Fight Club In The Band Room,” but the summary below might give you a little more illumination.

A psychological thriller about a good girl who falls for a local burnout. After the heroine discovers she had a twin sister who died, she begins to realize that her dead twin is trying to take back the life she never had, creating a dark, split-personality love triangle where no one’s sure what’s real or imagined.

8 thoughts on “Book Deal News!

  1. This sounds so good…and crazy–the plot is a combo of a book I wrote PLUS my Crit partner's (mine was about a girl who falls for a burnout, hers was about a girl who finds she has a twin sister & the twin is ruining her life)…how funny how years later it's combined… TOO COOL 🙂 I'll have to tell her we can buddy read it. XD Congrats Mindy!!!!! Looking forward to reading it!

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