Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately center on my child-thoughts:

1) When I was just a kitten I didn’t understand the connection between eating and going to the bathroom. I thought we spent our lives chewing up our food and depositing it inside ourselves, and that death occurred when we were finally full. I thought if I chewed up my food really well, I could extend my life. Too bad I didn’t have the book EVERYONE POOPS to clear that up for me. Someone explained the error in my beliefs at some point and so I came up with the new death theory –

2) Quite a few of the elderly ladies in my church had osteoporosis. Since food couldn’t kill you I figured out that once you hit a certain age you started shrinking, and eventually faded off into nothing.

3) When I was little bathing, eating and sleeping were three things that took up way too much of my time and pulled me out of whatever I was doing. Think about it – when you were kid, and super involved with your playtime you inevitably heard: “Bathtime! Dinner! Bedtime!” As an adult, bathtime, dinner and bedtime are like the most awesome points of the day.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Ha ha! Yay for dinner and bedtime!
    I remember when my kids were younger and wouldn't want to take a nap. I'd relent, “I WISH someone would make ME take a nap each day!” 🙂

  2. It's amazing how we see the world so differently as kids. I'm in the potty training phase right now with my second kiddo & this was a great reminder on POV & what might be going on in his little head.

  3. Old ladies at church are very deceiving to young eyes. I thought all women who had their eye brows drawn on were rich and that once you hit 35, you lost your personality. That was based on Ms. Dejoung. My 5th grade teacher. She looked like Coach Beaste and I'm pretty sure counted paper for fun.

  4. Kelly – Yeah, I feel the same whenever we have silent reading time in classes here at work and the kids complain, I'm like REALLY!??

    Tonya – well I'm glad I won him a reprieve 🙂

    Suma – I live to entertain! 🙂

    Bethany – LOVE the drawn eyebrows association. Reminded me of one I forgot: when I was little I thought that if you smoked cigarettes you were automatically going to hell. I have NO IDEA why I thought this, no, nobody told me that so that I'd never start the habit. It's just something my little brain produced.

    Sidenote – not a smoker.

  5. This is more interesting to me than the query contest, but I already entered my comment on Forever Rewriting. I love funny stuff. And you sure hit how viewpoint is opposite for kids & adults. When I was little, every day took SOOO long. I stay so busy now, each day lasts minutes. And really, eating & sleeping win out over bath time because I shower & hurry to get it over with.

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