Lots Going On!

There is a lot going on in my life online right now, which of course means it’s the perfect time for me to disappear to a hideaway in the woods with no internet connection.

First off, don’t miss the newest podcast episode featuring Middle Grade author and playwright Tara Dairman. Tara talks about how to use social media when your target audience may not necessarily be online, and how writing plays influences her fiction, as well as the value of contests when you’re in the query trenches.


What else is going on with me?

GIVEN TO THE SEA has been released on audio book! With performances by Monika Felice Smith, Robbie Daymond, Alex McKenna, and Sunil Malhotra, it’s a winner. If you’re looking for something to do over the next eleven hours or so, give it a listen.

If you want to read a physical book instead and think that getting books before their publication date is cool, check out this giveaway of THIS DARKNESS MINE on Goodreads.

And lastly, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that I’ve been doing an Instagram challenge for #Pitchwars on there. Writing advice, pictures of cats, more about me… who knows what all is going to end up on there.


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