This Week In My World & 23 Signed Books Giveaway!

I started a new jigsaw puzzle.

Honestly, there are actually a lot of really exciting things going on in my world but… I can’t necessarily talk about them right now. I’ll have news for you when I’m able to share!

And seriously, I did start a new jigsaw puzzle.

I’ve started to use Tumblr as a dream journal. People are always asking me what it’s like inside my head. I always say it’s the soundtrack to Beetlejuice in there, but if you’d like more insight, follow my Tumblr.

There’s a new podcast episode for you to listen to. It’s the roundup episode for the month of July, as well as an explanation of H.R. 1695 – the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act. If you’re a writer, you should probably be aware of what it is, why it’s happening, and what it means for you. As always, if you find the podcast or this blog helpful, please consider becoming a supporter.

The podcast will be taking a break for the month of August, but there are 21 episodes with writers from all walks and genres – YA, MG, memoir, historical, adult – there’s an ep for you.

In the meantime, definitely checkout this humongous giveaway. Win a signed GIVEN TO THE SEA and A MADNESS SO DISCREET plus 21 other books!

And, because I have a few ARCs of THIS DARKNESS MINE that landed in my lap recently, I suppose I will do a giveaway.

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