Fall Appearance Schedule & Some Writing Advice

I have a wildly busy fall planned for the release of THIS DARKNESS MINE. Everyone keep their fingers crossed and hope that I don’t come down with laryngitis like I did last fall while promoting THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES.

Like all things, when I go, I go big. So I don’t just have a scratchy voice. I lose it entirely. Traveling with no voice is difficult, to say the least. I was pointing at pictures on restaurant menus, typing notes on my phone to communicate with people, and ordering room service was… challenging.

In addition I will be celebrating Barnes & Noble’s YA B-Fest (BookFest) at two different locations in Ohio. You’ll be able to catch me in Pickerington at 1PM and again in Akron at 4 PM (or whatever time I get there from Pickerington). Let’s say 4ish.
I also have some great Epic Reads meetups scheduled alongside some fellow fantastic authors:

I’ve also been participating in some great online events lately. If you missed my Character MasterClass with the WattPad4 you can check that out below.

I also recently was on Writing Fun. For more writing tips, thoughts, tricks, and my basic (quasi) process, check it out:

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  1. Exciting schedule! I'm looking forward to seeing you at a couple of those (OLC, Buckeye Book Fair); fingers crossed that the voice holds out! Can't wait to read This Darkness Mine. Christina aka Goldiebug

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