Thursday Thoughts

Thoughts lately…

1) Why can dogs swim instinctively and humans can’t?

2) There are three things we know very little about, comparatively: Space. Oceans. Our own brains. One surrounds us, one makes up most of our planet, and one basically is us. Weird.

3) I’m really into genealogy and last night I found someone in my family who literally died from picking their nose. No shit. Only in my life.


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. One of my ancestors died when he fell from his horse and hit his head on his saddle. The description of his death says, “his brains did gush forth from both his ears and nostrils”. They just don't write obituaries that good anymore.

  2. You’ll have to use this ancestry bit as a humorous comment in a book–one character can catch another picking his/her nose and embarrass him/her with “You know, you can die from picking your nose.”

    1. I know! I can only imagine how many parents in this family used this as a morality tale for years to come.

  3. Almost as good as that relative of ours who was decapitated by the train…

    1. Both obits are amusing yet… disturbing. I lean more towards amusing though.

  4. My mind is now awhirl with ideas about when to kill nose-picking characters. Perhaps it can start a whole new genre. If Sasquatch romance is a niche, why not nose-picking horror?

    1. I envision a collection of short stories for wayward children… Death of a Nosepicker. Lament of a Child with Dirty Hands. Passing of One Who Would Not Eat Vegetables.

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