How to Trim Down the Word Count On A Bloated Manuscript

This week’s podcast episode is a roundup of all my guests and topics for the month of July, as well as my advice on how to trim down your word count when a manuscript is bloated beyond belief.

I offer manuscript critiques and one of the common mistakes I see new writers making is pacing issues related to scenes that aren’t accomplishing anything. One memorable client in 2018 came to me with a fantasy over 120,000 words. It was well-written, with a complex and well-built world… but it didn’t need 120k words. I told her I thought she could trim it down to 85k – and with my guidance, she did.

How? By asking critical questions of each scene, and on the microlevel, weeding out unnecessary words.

Learn more about self-editing in this week’s podcast episode, below

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