Book Talk & ARC Giveaway: Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

36672988Once Every Thousand Years…

Every millennium, one age ends and another age dawns…and whoever holds the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers holds the power to call the great Kami Dragon from the sea and ask for any one wish. The time is near…and the missing pieces of the scroll will be sought throughout the land of Iwagoto. The holder of the first piece is a humble, unknown peasant girl with a dangerous secret.

Demons have burned the temple Yumeko was raised in to the ground, killing everyone within, including the master who trained her to both use and hide her kitsune shapeshifting powers. Yumeko escapes with the temple’s greatest treasure—one part of the ancient scroll. Fate thrusts her into the path of a mysterious samurai, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan. Yumeko knows he seeks what she has…and is under orders to kill anything and anyone who stands between him and the scroll.

A wish will be granted and a new age will dawn.

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Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

17 thoughts on “Book Talk & ARC Giveaway: Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

  1. I love her Talon series and just have the last book to read. I have all the pretty covers on display in my office with the exception of Inferno which I still need.

  2. “The Shadow Of the Fox” sounds like an exciting story of demons and dragons!

  3. I’ve been reading Julie Kagawa’s books for so many years. Her books are amazing and I can’t wait to read this book!

  4. I can’t pick just one favourite Julie Kagawa book, because the entire Iron Fey series is so amazing!

  5. I am so excited about all of the folklore that will appear in Shadow of the Fox, such as the various demons and the fact that one of the main characters is a kitsune. The entire premise for this book sounds amazing, and I really hope it turns out to be as good as it sounds!!!

    Thanks for hosting this!

  6. This sounds awesome. I love Japanese mythology and this sounds like a great take on it.

  7. Ok, many thoughts. One, I became familiar with your books but I didn’t really understand what each book was about. But watching the trailer? MAN, I wish there was a giveaway on THAT book!!! Why haven’t I heard it become more famous? That honestly caught my interest.
    Two, Julie Kagawa is a LEGEND. After reading the Talon series and The iron prince series (is that the series name? Or was it The Iron Fey? Honestly, I have to reread this series. I remember how much my heart hurt and soared while reading this series) This book seems nice and I am kinda glad I know how to pronounce some of the Japanese name since I took two classes of Japanese.

  8. My journey with Julie first began in 2010 when my Dad gave me a copy of The Iron King for Christmas. He had shown me the book trailer on youtube previously, and I was immediately hooked and just had to read it! I couldn’t even begin to contain my excitement when I saw I had The Iron King in my hands! Since then I have acquired all of Julie’s books from, the Iron King series, Blood of Eden series, and the Talon series. They even have their own special bookcase in my room! I love and enjoy every story that Julie tells, but I think that my favorite will always be The Iron King, as that is where my Dad gave me this journey with Julie, and it will forever have a special place in my heart! I cannot wait to read Shadow of the Fox and add it to my collection. I haven’t had much experience with Japanese mythology, but I am looking forward to learning about it as well as the story magic that Julie intertwines with it. I’ve always loved to read, and my Dad giving me the opportunity to read Julie’s books were such a blessing. She is my favorite author and has such a talent for words. I wish her all of the best and a lifetime of happiness and success! Thank you for your magic, Julie! 🙂

    On a final note, I have also just discovered Mindy McGinnis through these posts. I have already begun researching her books to see what stories she has to unfold, and my interests are most definitely peaked! I have a feeling this is another rabbit hole I won’t mind falling into! Looking forward to reading your books, Mindy! 🙂

    1. It is so awesome to hear about a parent leading a child to a favorite author! Go DAD!!!

  9. My favorite Julie Kagawa book is Talon! ♥ It was the very first book I read by her and the reason why I loved it-and the other books of the Talon series-is because of the main character, Ember, who was so brave and rebellious. I also find it very interesting that she was a dragon, in which that is my all-time favorite mythical creature. I even had an idea before I first read Talon to create a character who is part human and part dragon for a book I hope to write one day. Shadow of the Fox looks very interesting to me because I have always been fascinated by the Japanese culture and folklore of mythical creatures. ♥♥♥ The kitsune is definitely the most fascinating as they are known as tricksters. I also hope one day to create a book based on another kind of Japanese mythical creatures one day. 😀 ♥

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