Naming Shakespeare’s Memorable Heroines

Have you ever stopped to think about how notable authors chose the names of their famous characters? How did J.K Rowling land on Hermoine Granger? Why Katniss and Peeta? Perhaps some of the most well known characters were created by none other than notable playwright and poet, William Shakespeare. In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday, April 23rd, we’re taking a look at some of his most strong-willed, emotionally-complex heroines, and how he landed upon each of their names.

Invaluable created a great visual that outlines some of the most notable characters, from Juliet to Desdemona, which discusses the origins of each of their names and how they relate to the physical and behavioral attributes of each. Check it out, and reread your favorite Shakespeare play in honor of his birthday throughout April!


Please include attribution to with this graphic.



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